a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

no thoughts head empty

JalGOM's Toons Ver. 2 (Korean)


I'm considering getting one of those early graves I keep hearing people talk about

I'm going to need a grave someday anyway

I might as well buy mine now and get some use out of it while I'm still alive

Just a little plot of land I can use for picnics, parties, and get-togethers

Or just a quiet place to get some rest

There's no law that says I can't live in the hole until I die

Working myself into an early grave doesn't seem that much worse than whatever else I'm supposed to be working myself into

It beats paying rent


I want to erect a big stone marker in death valley or something with nothing but a set of GPS coordinates

The GPS coordinates lead to some other middle-of-nowhere place, like the middle of the sahara or on top of a mountain in wyoming, and there's another marker with some GPS coordinates

And they lead you somewhere else with a marker, and that leads you somewhere else with a marker, until eventually it just loops back to the one in death valley. No message. Just a global futile scavenger hunt

I just want to mess with whatever civilization arises after this one is gone. Fuck them for surviving. How dare they 🦝