a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

90 minutes to midnight

90 minutes to nowhere, baby

'Cause I'm the Evil Midnight Blogger, What Blogs At Midnight

Or sometimes fails to get a blog done before midnight, so puts out this crap instead

I'm probably going to settle down with 0-content entries once I reach 100 consecutive days

Unless people like this nonsense, I dunno

I just wanna be able to say I blogged for 100 consecutive days, and be able to win the 100 day blogging challenge

Although that doesn't require the days to be consecutive

The consecutive aspect is a bonus challenge just for me

Maybe I'll extend it out into 365. Stretch goal

Then after the 365 settles down, I won't adhere so slavishly to the update-every-day policy

Although, I dunno, sometimes it's nice to have something you can reliably count on updating every day, even if it is stream of consciousness crap

Like there are two different selling points: there's the consistency, which is comforting, and occasional good posts, which are like eating one of your favorite comfort foods and discovering that there's a prize inside1

I think as long as I stick to my one-post-per-day policy, it won't get annoying, even if there are a lot of nothing status posts in a row

I googled "evil midnight blogger what blogs at midnight" to see how many people have made that reference, and the first result was a post from 2005 by someone named Ken Arneson. For a second, I thought it was a legendary game designer, but after a few more seconds of googling, I realized the name made me conflate Ken Arnold, one of the developers of Rogue, and Dave Arneson, one of the designers of Dungeons and Dragons

Two minutes to 22:30 (which is 90 minutes to midnight, and also happens to be right around my bedtime for tonight)

One minute

Aaaaand... post 🦝

  1. Not that there's anything particularly special about my blog that would generate this feeling; anything that updates without fail every day can generate a feeling of comfort, as long as it's not something you're predisposed to hate. X0% (EKS-tee pir-SINT) of success is showing up, they say↩