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a few of my favorite things

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my favorite drops

in maya's mr. openai I don't feel so good (which you should read), she requests:

This is my favorite drop. You should listen to it in context, too. I have been striving in vain to find ones as good for almost a decade. If you, dear reader, know of a drop of this kind, reach out.

All my favorite drop examples are pretty different, genre-wise, so I wasn't sure if they were the kind of thing she's looking for. But in a mastodon response she added:

if it makes you grin and wrinkle up your nose and bob your head at the right moment in the song i'm Interested

Disclaimer: these are all very dumb

My favorite drop is from the Doctor P remix of Scroobius Pip's The Struggle (youtube.com, 5m05s) which in 2012 was a fun song about Johnny Depp being a secret serial killer, but it's not so fun anymore 😔 if you can look past the subject matter it's still a pretty good time

My other favorite drop, also from 2012, is Chibi Tech's Moe Moe Kyunstep (bandcamp.com, 02m43s + 04m54s), a piece of grimy anime chiptune with a drop so powerful it had to be broken out into its own track

A recent non-dubstep favorite is NOMA's Brain Power (youtube.com, 6m10s). I wouldn't bob my head to it, cause it's like a zillion BPM, but I'll definitely drum my fingers or bob my knee and up and down if I'm listening to it on the bus. Gotta move something.

Finally, equally non-headbobbable but definitely my favorite drop in the technical sense is Venetian Snares' Hajnal (bandcamp.com, 07m46s), which my favorite track of all these, and I only save for last because it's the most dependent on having the context of the rest of the piece. Also there are no lyrics, so it's not really a song. I'd be sad if I left it out though.

my favorite line from a marilyn manson song that i think was intended to be deep but is actually embarrassingly facile

From "Posthuman", one of the worst songs on Mechanical Animals:

God is a number you cannot count to

Buddy, I couldn't count to 1000. That's not saying much. Okay, maybe I could count to 1000 if someone paid me, but there's no way I could count to 10,000. Unless you let me do it in shifts, which I think goes against the spirit of counting.


In 2007 Jeremy Harper, of Birmingham, Alabama, verbally counted every number up to a million, in a series of live internet broadcasts spanning four months – highlights of which are still available on YouTube. Starting on 18 June 2007, he counted for approximately 16 hours a day, finally reaching one million on 14 September that year – a total duration of 89 days, and averaging just over 11,200 numbers per day.1

Okay, so the highest number anyone's ever counted to is ~11,201 and it took him 16 hours.2 The highest number anyone can count to before collapsing from exhaustion has gotta be less than 20K. Not impressed, God. 

my favorite atari jaguar CD game

is Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods. I haven't played it, but I watched Jeff Gerstmann play it, and the experience was very enjoyable. Here's the youtube video where he plays it, and a bunch of other Jaguar CD games, because the platform finally has a good emulator. (Highlander starts at 01h51m58s)

my favorite operating system for automating tasks

MacrOS 🦝

  1. Guinness (the beer people? idk)↩

  2. Then he did it 88 more times for some reason. Must've had a lot of time to kill. Guess some people never heard of video games, shrug emoji!↩

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