a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

a little breaky for me

πŸ“―: Content warning: picture of food

Was up way too late last night working on a secret project, so regrettably I have to conserve all of my mental energy for my day gig

However, I'm satisfied with my overall blogging aptitude and very pleased that I'm able to think of something I want to say almost every day

You can tell this is a casual post because I'm not putting full stops before my paragraph breaks

Also the paragraphs are much shorter than normal

We call this one Casual Friday On A Thursday

I want to make new fancy colored text markdown combinations. I can probably make special rules for <code> wrapped in <em> and <strong>

I need to make bold italic text a lighter color. As it is the contrast is too low for me to feel good about using it

I've thought about finding an old computer whose colors I like and basing the color palette on it. I've been picking colors sort of arbitrarily. I don't know if there's a computer whose colors I like enough to commit to it. Do you know of one that has good purple-on-black? Let me know

Lunch today is a delicious chicken salad with cranberries, pecans and celery. Izzy made it for me 😍

Here it is in the cute jar included with the cute lunch kit she bought me:


I've finally done the activity that was the original purpose of blogs and social media: pictures of lunch

I'm sure I've posted pictures of my lunch at least once or twice, but those posts are looooong gone. Probably on my deleted twitter account. In like 2009

Oh I still have the photo of the kebabpizza I ate when I visited Γ–rebro in 2016. That was a special lunch though

But hey, so is a lunch from my sweetie 😁

Anyway, hope y'all are having a dreamy creamy summer. My birthday month β™Š is coming up, and if you don't know what to get me, I'd be delighted if you'd consider sponsoring this blog. This is a lil' thing I set up over on ko-fi, and I thought I might as well softlaunch it. This isn't the secret project. If you find it, you'll know 🀫

Well, a caveman in a helmet just pulled on the tail of a bird. Time to go back to my job at the rock factory 🦝