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byzantine medicine quest blues

It seems like no matter how careful I am to request the medicine that makes my brain work (which I have to actually call my doctor's office on the phone every single month to keep getting) there are always just enough problems that I have to go at least one day without it. Today was that day.

This week I knew I wouldn't run out of pills until today, but instead of waiting until the last possible minute like I usually do, because fuck the telephone, I did the responsible thing and called on Tuesday. Wednesday I wasn't able to get to the pharmacy, but I had one more pill left and as far as I knew everything was ready and I could pick them up on Thursday.

Thursday morning I logged into the pharmacy's website to make sure it was ready, but saw a notice that they weren't able to fill it because I "need a new prescription". It would've been really nice if someone would've taken care of that! Or, failing that, at least let me know so I could start the nagging process sooner.

So I called my doctor's office to beg them to do their job. The receptionist sent me to talk to the nurse, who wasn't there, so I left a message with all the necessary info. I kept an eye on the pharmacy's website and the prescription never showed up. I had no way of knowing if they actually sent it in or not. If I called again, I was sure they would just send me back to the answering machine.

Their office is closed on Friday, so I woke up this morning, checked the website, and when I saw that no progress has been made I started to despair. I went to work without my meds, had a really rough day, and kept refreshing the website. But around noon, there it was: out of stock. "If you need your prescription today," it helpfully said, "call the pharmacy." So I did. They couldn't send it to another pharmacy. They said they had 10 of the pill I needed, so they could give me that, but I would have to call my doctor's office to get yet another new prescription after the 10 days. So, exhausted, that's what I did.

I don't know how I'm still going, to be honest. Pure adrenaline I guess. But, blog entry complete, it's time to crash, hopefully not sleep for 12 hours, and hopefully have a better day tomorrow. Goodnight

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