a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

cautionary tales of storms

I was able to find a big chunk of time to write today, and I've got an essay in the works that I feel is shaping up to be pretty good. My original plan was to finish it and post it today, but there's a storm a-brewin'. The skies have darkened, the wind's picking up, the first drops of rain have fallen, and Izzy's told me the power at home has flickered a couple times. I'm out of mobile data for the month, and I haven't yet figured out a way to burgle some more, so out of an abundance of caution I'm going to offer a quick status update for today and save the essay for tomorrow.

The plan is to stop by a public wifi spot on the way home, so hopefully the storm is still mild enough that this is doable. I have an umbrella, and if the wind makes the rain go all horizontal, it's still 89°F outside somehow, so I don't particularly care if I get drenched; but capacitive touch screens don't work well in high-moisture conditions, so if I can't get it to play nice, then my streak will have finally been broken. Only an act of god could have done it.

Hopefully the power will stay on at home and everything will be fine, in which case I'll post an update here: [Announcer: They're okay, folks!]

But I'll still leave the essay for tomorrow, because I'd like a little extra time to smooth out the rough spots anyway. Hope everyone is staying safe from sun and storm 🦝