a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

cold comfort

I finished Final Fantasy 7 without casting a single spell or spending a magic point. There are some who call me an unsung hero for my deeds and accomplishments, to whom I say, "Why don't you sing about me? Then I'd be sung. Just sayin'."

I got tired of looking at my terrible homepage, so I tried to make it slightly less terrible. It's just a basic-ass john doe website with some CSS tweaks. Maybe it's not that much of an improvement, but at least it looks okay on a phone again.

Current jam is the music for the Game Boy version of Bubble Ghost (youtube link.) They didn't have to go that hard, but they did. Good job, Pony Canyon.

I had to go out in 14 degree fahrenheit weather for groceries. It sucked. They still didn't properly winterize anything around here, so the roads and sidewalks are covered with just enough hard-packed snow that I have to watch my step. Then the store closed at 18:00, before I was done shopping and giving me about a 40 minute wait until the bus arrived. I had planned to idle inside after I was done shopping until it got close to bus time. There was nowhere to sit, so I had no choice but to stand there, holding my groceries. I wish I had worn gloves.

The bus here doesn't run on Sundays and it's not running on Monday, so this was my last chance to stock up, and I still didn't get everything I wanted because they kicked me out early. But I got what I need for my traditional Christmas tacos tomorrow.

Tomorrow's usually laundry day, but I expect the laundry room will be closed for the holiday. I hate this time of year. Yes, people deserve time off, but having time off isn't much comfort when you're struggling to survive. It's just a disruption. It makes planning and getting around and taking care of myself that much more difficult. It'll be a huge relief when the snow melts, when it's warm enough to go outside, and I don't feel trapped in my apartment.

But other than the grocery run, I got to relax for three days, and that is nice. Izzy and I spent some quality time together. I became the world's first FF7 no-magic champion (don't look it up, the site's down.) Maybe tomorrow I'll feel rested enough to actually work on a project.

I have written a couple more quests for Daggerfall Mini. By "wrote" I mean they exist; at the end I'll have to go back and make a second pass on all the text. The "good writing" pass. It can suck at first, the important thing is getting the structure in place. Unfortunately, I can't really share my progress like I was doing with Quest for the Radiant Cake, because it's not a linear series of levels; everything is interconnected, and it won't really be playable until the skeleton exists. But here's a graphic representing how big it is so far:


So I'll keep posting those to give you an idea of what's up.

Oh yeah, QfRC. I guess that's on the backburner until my brain comes up with some more ideas. And if I don't come up with any, I guess I'll call it done and publish it on itch more or less as-is. I'd like to add one more level (with the titular radiant cake) and maybe some sort of very crude pixel-art congratulatory screen. I once believed I could come up with 100 levels, but that was before I decided to add a bonus coin to every level, and wanted to make each one at least a little tricky to get. Oh well, 29 or 30 levels is still pretty respectable 🦝

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