a rickety bridge of impossible crossing


Good news: through the use of the finest quality drugs, namely painkillers and decongestants of the over-the-counter variety, overall will to live has increased something-three percent. Looks like we'll all get our bonuses this quarter

My bonus is spending every waking moment playing daggerfall, watching youtube, or sleeping (don't ask me how that works)

General body aches and fatigue are down from yesterday, nasal problems have increased, and a new sore throat is on the horizon. Voice status is creaky hinge. Sense of smell and taste currently operational, other than normal interference from congestion.

Forgive my brevity, for I have a date with a pillow: November 9, 2022. And probably the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th too, if I'm being honest. But hopefully not the 14th. Anyway, if my strength returns, I'll have a lot more complaining to do. Thanks for your patience as I weather the storm.