a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

current sleepy status

Was too exhausted to make it past 21:00 last night. Unfortunately I woke up at 3:00 and couldn't get back to sleep, so despite my impressively early and responsible bedtime I still only got 6 hours of sleep. I laid there awake for an hour before getting up at 4:00. Can barely move, want very badly to collapse into bed but trying to force myself to stay up a little because I don't want to go to bed at 18:00 and have an even worse repeat of last night.

Cognitive function severely impaired. Managed to stumble through wordle and semantle today but I'm not even going to attempt DKJ tonight. I don't trust myself with a controller, I might pass out and drop it on my foot.

As I was leaving work I saw a canister of cleaning wipes and misread the word "premoistened" as "permafrosted"

On the walk home I tried to come up with a joke about "permafrosted flakes", but couldn't come up with a suitable word starting with "gr". Best I could come up with is "they're grrrrradually thawing and releasing long-trapped CO2 into the atmosphere at an alarming rate!" But that's ridiculous, it can't be both gradual and alarming. I looked up lists of verbs and adjectives starting with "gr", but can't brain enough to put the pieces together. Submit your own?

I'm in no condition to do anything resembling meal prep tonight, so dinner is pepperoni and bread, two of the most popular ingredients. Look for them in your grocer's ingredient aisle.

I actually had some time to write at work today, but I was too zonked to write a real entry. I tried, lord knows I did try. I wrote an introductory paragraph, stared at the screen in what I can only assume was a glassy-eyed stupor, pressed control-A, pressed the backspace key. It wasn't a very good paragraph. I'll happily rewrite it when I'm ready to write that blog post for real.

Anyway, there's some text for you. Please keep me in your prayers or magick rituals with hope for restful and replenishing sleep 🦝

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