a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

dinner and drinks

Chunks of store-bought garlic and herb bread, torn off the loaf and dipped into store-bought hummus.

And to drink? RC Cola. You know, some people can tell the difference between coke and pepsi in a blind taste test (all that "pepsi challenge" nonsense) but did you know that research does not support a discernible difference between pepsi and RC? I read it on wikipedia,1 so it must be true. It even has a citation! Herman Pronko. Now that's a name you can trust.

I always assumed RC ("Royal Crown") had something to do with "Crown Royal", which I understand is some sort of intoxicating spirit. But apparently they're unrelated. I oft wondered if "Royal Crown Royal" was a drink one could order. People mix other types of whiskey with other types of soda, so it's not unthinkable.

Anyway. I have no particular affinity for any brand of cola; if I'm getting fancy, cherry coke is my usual preference, but as far as straightforward cola goes, they're basically the same, and RC is the cheapest.

I haven't had a very good couple of days. Can you tell? I slept about 9½ hours Sunday night, and it still wasn't enough. I'm only going to get 7-ish tonight. I got the latest covid booster shot today and I'm feeling a little off. I don't know if it's going to make me sick. I hope not. Or I hope it does, so I have an excuse to call in sick tomorrow. Please wish me luck one way or the other 🦝

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