a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

drug logistics (a sad one)

Today I had to go on a 2-hour journey on 4 buses to a pharmacy on the other side of town to get the medicine that makes my brain work, because my regular pharmacy, the one just a short bus ride from work, has been unable to get it in stock for 3 or 4 months now. I have one dose left, and if I didn't have Izzy to make all the calls and do the footwork several days in advance, I probably would've run out. I'm very grateful for her 💖

2 hours doesn't sound like a lot, but it's a pretty big chunk out of my day off, and I didn't get to do anything fun. Just one more example of how being poor eats away at one's time and energy in a bunch of subtle and frustratingly unnecessary ways. If I had a car I could've been there and back in 30 minutes, and probably picked up dinner to boot. But instead, I got to dread a chore all day, procrastinate, finally drag myself out because it's now or never (the bus doesn't run on Sundays) and drag myself home with nothing to show for it but continuing at my baseline level of functioning. It's enough to make me resent the blog, resent having one more obligation hanging over my head, but here I am. I'm sorry. This feeling will pass. I'm just so tired