a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

egg strats

Today on Brain Training I had very good scores in all three games, even almost matching my DKJ score from yesterday, despite being very tired and not at the top of my game after work. This will be a short entry, because I need to go to bed early, but I wanted to share a new strategy I discovered: on screen 2, the birds drop eggs on a fixed pattern. I don't know how I never noticed this before, but for the first several levels of the game, only every third bird drops and egg, and eventually it switches to an every fourth bird pattern. This makes it much easier to get across the vines without worrying about being egged. I could be wrong, but I've watched it very closely and there doesn't seem to be any variation within a level. So until you reach level 4 or so, you can count "no egg, no egg, egg" and finish screen 2 relatively safely. This is how I got 146,000 points (98% of my best score) despite losing several lives to trivial mistakes. I'm sure with a fresh new coat of sleep, I'll be back at the top of my game before I know it and ready to watch my score soar to new heights 🦝

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