a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

expectation #6

Expectation number six goes like this: I should write something completely original for the blog, instead of collecting whatever I posted on the fediverse that day

Counterpoint: why though

Okay, maybe not all the time, because I do want to encourage myself to write longer things. But sometimes? Sometimes is ok


Bowling is the best sport for fans of gravity. I don't care for things going up and down. Just down is fine


Hate when I have to traverse the crystal maze in search of the king's eight court wizards, who have been imprisoned by the dark one in eight mad worlds each more devious than the last, so that together they can cast the spell that breaks the dark one's seal so the evil can be put to rest once and for all. Guess I'll just get take-out tonight, AGAIN 🙄

artistic apotheosis

People trying to write songs about cowboys after Will Smith's "Wild Wild West" must feel like sculptors after Michelangelo1

bad blood

The Mafia had an uneasy truce with the vampires during prohibition; the mob realized they could use help from a family with lots of experience in the smuggling of illegal liquids, and in return they could offer them a line on some fresh blood whenever they needed someone to disappear. But with the passage of the 21st amendment, hostilities quickly resumed and the Garlic Wars were back on

bug bounty

Yes, I'm an investigative reporter (I investigate lists of bugs on wikipedia, and I report the grossest bugs I find)

near mint in box

Sure, I may not have perfect skin, but I'll have you know my authentic patina is highly valued by collectors 🦝

  1. I misspelled this as "Michaelangelo" in the original post, so bonus feature of collecting some fediverse posts is that I get a re-do on all my typos↩