a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

fire sale

It's been very difficult for me to focus on anything but my anxiety for the last few days

Of the things that are causing me anxiety, one of them is money again. I've been very slowly recovering financially since getting covid again in november, and finally was able to pay all my rent on time in February, but I experienced a setback last week. I missed one day of work to my eye appointment and one to illness. The illness was a side-effect of a medicine my doctor has since told me to stop taking.

Any action to take care of my health means missing work, because of infrequent buses, which leads to greater stress and anxiety from lost income. I feel trapped and desperate.

I hate to keep asking, but if you like what I do and would like if I keep doing it, it would help a lot if you could become a sponsor. The recurring extra income would help greatly. One-time donations on ko-fi would help me get through this rough patch.

I'm also doing a fire sale on itch.io. You can get a bundle of everything I have for sale for $5 or more.

Anything helps, even if you can just spread the word on social media. Even some kind words will help, if you can spare them. Feeling like there's a point to any of this would help ease this feeling of despair in the pit of my stomach.

Thank you, and I'm sorry