a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

four *more* slime puzzles

I'm sorry if you're not interested in puzzle games, but this is what I've been interested in this week to the exclusion of everything else:

🕹️ Play Slime Resgoo Deluxe 0.9 (all levels)

🕹️ Play Slime Resgoo Deluxe 0.9 (levels 6-9 only)

📯 Edit: fixed a bug where a charged slime can walk on lava.

I've changed around some visual elements to hopefully make things easier to distinguish (for all levels of color vision.) I think I'm done making rules. I could make 100 levels with these rules, if I had time. Maybe I will, eventually. But I can't work on them during the week—it's not something I can do at work, and I have no mental energy left by the time I get home. So I have to squeeze them in between chores and other responsibilities on the weekend. It's a drag. I wish I could work on stuff I want all the time.

I'll try to make myself write more during the week, since that's something I can do at work, but I haven't felt like it. All I've felt like thinking about is designing slime puzzles in my head. And the ADHD doesn't make it easy to force myself to want something different. Sigh 🦝