a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

four new slime puzzles

I revamped Slime Resgoo Towlr a bit and added four new levels, hopefully the first four of many:

🕹️ Play Slime Resgoo Deluxe 0.5

The first level is basically the same as the one I posted on Monday, so apologies to anyone who's already played it, but for anyone who hasn't already played SRT it's important for learning the rules. For returning players, I added a shiny coin you can collect, to sweeten the deal.

It blows my mind how, upon making just a few simple rules, interesting ways the rules can interact start occurring to me, as if by magic. There's one more rule I want to add, but after that I should have the foundation for potentially dozens of puzzles. I'm excited.

I'm sharing the WIP on puzzlescript.net for now, but when I'm done it'll be a proper release on itch.io. Blog readers will get an exclusive first look at new levels. Unfortunately, this leaves me less time for writing a proper blog post; I spent the better part of yesterday evening making these, and then stayed up way too late squashing bugs, so my brain's a little fried. There hopefully shouldn't be any game-breaking bugs (except the one from SRT, which I'll probably leave in) but if you encounter any, just press R to restart the level.

The new puzzles introduce the possibility of an unwinnable state, so keep R in mind, and you can also press Z to undo moves until you're back on track. If you do encounter a bug you want to let me know about, get in touch. (I'm aware that the way things are set up by the end might be colorblind-unfriendly, I plan to add some other visual differentiation before the levels get more complicated)


Good puzzling and have a fun slime!! 🦝