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A recently-discovered strategy for disrupting nazi rallies, republican conventions and other fascist events is showing up with a boombox and playing copyrighted music, so the video gets blocked on youtube.

My question is, is Queen still owed royalties every time a crowd does the "stomp-stomp-clap" thing, even if it's a spontaneous crowd action and not something prompted by the venue? If so, that might be a good way protestors can block these kind of events from youtube when you don't have an adequately large boombox. It's also a fun way everyone can participate in the disruption instead of just the one with the equipment. Heck, you might even get a few of the fascists themselves to join in; it's hard to resist a good stomp-stomp-clap.

Or maybe lead the crowd in a rousing verse of "Never Gonna Give You Up". It's a song everyone knows, it's not too hard for people to sing, and a cover should still get blocked (or at least be unmonetizable, which depending on the purpose of the recording might be just as good.)

on my soapbox

Dr. Bronner's soap has a reputation for being wholesome and natural, but they could change their formula to something with harsh chemicals that requires a warning label, and no one would ever know. They could also have a shrink-wrap license somewhere in the middle of all the random text that says "by using this soap you are hereby irreversibly baptized in the cult of Moloch". Who knows! Dr. Bronner was into peace, love and understanding, but he isn't around anymore. Who's to say what kind of weird shit the people who gained stewardship of the brand are into? But you know what? It's worth it, I assume. I've only ever used normal soap, but DBMS is still a a product, so there must be something going on there. It has "magic" right in the name!


Ultimately, etymologists trace charlatan from [...] Cerretano, a resident of Cerreto, a village in Umbria, known for its quacks.

Starting a lierumor that this is also where the word "serotonin" comes from


"He demanded payment of 400 denarii"? Look, that doesn't mean anything to me. How many magna macca would that get me?