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fridge, friends, and fun

Saturday is a day for friends and activities.

The most quote-unquote "productive" activity was helping to clean the fridge. Izzy had gotten it looking beautiful, but she wanted my help cleaning the bottom shelf, the part that holds the crisper drawers. It's a big pane of glass held between two plastic attachments, and she couldn't quite get it apart. It took me awhile to figure it out, but eventually I realized that there there's a shallow notch along each long edge of the glass, into which tabs on each of the plastic pieces click into place. You just gently pry the tabs up and it comes apart pretty easily. Once they were off, I see why she didn't want to just clean it as well as she could and put it back: there was grime crusted all along the grooves that it'd be impossible to get out without disassembly. I washed each component, dried them as well as I could (we don't really have anywhere to put them) and got it back in, good as new. I also cleaned out the shelves, which I had spilled a little tea in and let sit for a truly shameful amount of time.

We also watched Terminator 2. It turns out movies are good! I had never seen either Terminator film before. I liked them both, but 2 is my favorite,1 for reasons I may elaborate on. But it's 20:00 at the end of a long day, and I don't have enough thinking juice left. Just a status update for now.

I also made a new friend and re-connected with an old one: Vi said hello in the discord channel, informed me that the link to my fediverse profile on the contact page has had a typo in it this entire time (now fixed, thanks) and asked if anyone knew a good fediverse instance. I invited them to join me on cybre.space (<---real link, actual spelling!) They also have a rad website and blog you should check out.

Vi saying they found the channel through my blog reminded me that I should probably let other people in the channel know I have a blog somehow, so I set my status to one of the tinyURLs. My friend Ghoul noticed and reached out to say he likes my blog. After apologies for months of radio silence (I'm very bad at keeping up with friends in real-time chat situations) we caught up, and it was great. I missed him. He mentioned that he might like to start a blog, so I offered to help him get set up with bearblog; just getting started with the base theme I use and changing the colors. He's not 100% sure whether he'll use it, but go give him a toast of encouragement

During relaxation time, I've been replaying Super Adventure Island 2, which is one of my favorite side-scrolling platform adventure games. Here are some random screenshots:

A mischevous mole in sunglasses leaps towards Master Higgins, the protagonist of Super Adventure Island 2

A cool mole.

Talking to an old wise man in the game. He says "I will teach you how to punch down"

Please don't. People don't need help with this

Master Higgins looks up at something. A message says "The Ice Giant Cometh and Breaketh Openeth the Dooreth

A lessoneth in the most propereth oldeth Engleth

List of equipment in the menu screen. I have an "elven flute" which is actually an ocarina.

Ah yes... "flute"

And that's the 3-month anniversary post in the books! Only 9 days till the big 💯 🦝

  1. From what I understand, not a controversial opinion, but it may still be interesting to try to unpack why↩