a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

fuck CSX, actually

I recently made a post about freight train ads, and ads in general, that I remember way longer than I would like to; and it occurred to me that, in light of ongoing extreme fuckery against union workers on the part of the rail industry (in collaboration with Biden and the blue wing of the US capitalist party) it might seem like my post was inspired by current events. It wasn't; it was inspired by my seeing a train and remembering that stupid tag line. The ways CSX and their conspirators are fucking over their workers and the country deserves orders of magnitude more bile than I gave them for the ad, and I don't want to exonerate them with faint damnation.

If you want to hear a properly angry breakdown, I strongly recommend listening to the latest Citations Needed News Brief. There's a concentrated effort on the part of the ruling class and their propaganda army to shift the blame for this tragedy from the robber barons onto the workers. I knew there was tension, but it's so far removed from anything in my lived reality that as usual I had no idea how bad it was. I'm sorry for not being more in the loop 🦝