a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

Molten taffy jackpot winner hospitalized after botched photo op; "AHHHH!!!", reports eyewitness

Shit rolls downhill. Luckily, so does #GarbageDigest! And everything else. That's kinda how hills work.

Today's installment shall be recorded in the imperial scrolls of honor as volume 01 issue 07. This blog contains an ingredient known to the state of Ohio to cause dyspepsia.

famous last words

End. That's probably the most famous one. After is definitely up there. I think all and everyone are famous enough to lock them in for the top 5.

The most famous book is The Bible, so its last word deserves a place in the hall of fame. I looked it up, and it's amen. Welcome to the club!

how to beat the house at roulette, every time

When they ask what number you want to bet on, say "fourteen", but sort of mumble and cough when you say it. If you lose, insist that you actually said forty, not fourteen. When they explain that the wheel only goes up to 36, apologize and say it's your first day at the casino. They'll cancel your bet, since you didn't choose a valid number. Repeat with 15, 16, etc. If they start asking why you keep betting on invalid numbers, drop your smoke bomb and run away.


The phrase "point and shoot camera" worries me because it implies there's some mysterious third thing one might do with a camera. Point, shoot, and... yell? I'm glad I don't have one of those scream-activated cameras.

extry extry

Comic Book Villain "The Joker" Most Significant Link in Nerd-Juggalo Pipeline, Sociologist Reports

junior jumble

Unscramble each word and use the indicated letters to solve the riddle

   _ _ 🔳 🔳 _ _

2. HTE  
   _ _ _

3. KCRO  
   _ _ 🔳 _

   _ _ _ 🔳 🔳 _ _

   🔳 _ 🔳 _ _ 🔳 _ _ _

After a tragic pressure cooker explosion, the taffy maker spent weeks recovering from

_ _ _ _ _  _ _ _

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Print and send a photo of the solved puzzle to bluelander@protonmail.com. Winners will be acknowledged with a free Sunday shoutout! 🦝