a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

Linux app "a basket of bullshit", declares Soap Pope

Hello. This is #GarbageDigest. This is where I pretend to write a magazine for the internet. If you're willing to suspend disbelief for a moment, you might imagine this one is called volume 01 issue 09. This blog has been tested on animals, and they found it self-serving with several glaring omissions.


I get the same prickly feeling when someone uses the word "politician" to refer to an elected official that I do when people use the word "gameplay" to refer to video game mechanics.

Like... yeah, you're not wrong for calling them that, but if everything was working the way it should, you wouldn't have to.

below the belt

The only rule of a street fight is: never hit below the belt. Thus, you can become the ultimate street fighter by wearing your belt around your forehead.


I miss the days of bitbucks when everyone was talking about "a basket of currencies". Doesn't that sound nice? I imagine a lovely gift basket with bundles of banknotes from around the world.

literal wicker basket of currencies

Here is a stock photo I found. Source: the internet

linux help request

Talking about Cave Story the other day really made me want to replay it. Does anyone have tips for playing it in English on 32-bit Ubuntu with a bluetooth controller? Please reply if you're certain your solution will work in this exact scenario.

(I'll probably just end up redownloading the 3DS version. Sigh)

Edit: never mind, figured out a way. I checked my humble library, and it turns out I got the Nicalis version in a bundle at some point. I still have to look at the new graphics on the main menu, but I can set it so everything else is just like the original.


soap help request

I have a pump bottle of hand soap I don't like the smell of, and a refill bottle of soap I do like the smell of. I finally used all the bad soap, but a little bit of it is still in the bottle, and I want to get it all out before I refill it. Does anyone know the best soap for washing out soap in preparation for other soap?

(I'll probably just end up getting soap on the 3DS... sigh)

Edit: never mind, I just kept rinsing the bottle out with hot water until it pretty much didn't have a smell. Weird that I didn't think of that 🤷‍♀️

old person yells at app

If an app pops up a box asking me to rate it, and I rate it a 1 for annoying me with a popup, it should never pop again. Like what is your endgame here. Do you think I'm gonna be less annoyed the next time it happens??

my pope platform

How old do you gotta be to run for pope? 175 years old? A thousand? When I'm old enough, I think I'd make a pretty good pope. I think my first popely decree would be to move the Vatican from Italy to France. Just feel like they're all due for a change of scenery, y'know? 🦝