a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

pasta garbioli

📯 this installment includes jokes about food, drugs and alcohol

recipe corner: "Italian" grilled cheese

It's basically the same as a normal grilled cheese sandwich, except you use garlic butter instead of regular butter, and use provolone and/or mozzarella instead of whatever cheese you normally use; then, instead of tomato soup on the side, heat up a little marinara (or whatever tomato-based sauce you prefer) for dipping. Eat as snack or meal. I don't think this even qualifies as a recipe, but at least you didn't have to read my life story first.

section 1

The words "nap" and "snack" both score higher on the BUSQA (🌕 and ⭐, respectively) than "sleep" and "meal" (both 🌗)

I theorize that a little bit of something when you want it is invariably better than a normal amount of something at the quote-unquote "appropriate" time; therefore, I suggest that we restructure society around the idea that people should eat when they're hungry and sleep when they're tired. This wouldn't fix everything, but it would at least bump anglo-industrial society up from a 🚩 to a 🌑.

do the D

If I was ever going to take a fictional drug, it would definitely be Substance D from A Scanner Darkly, a drug with no noticeable effects other than an immediate onslaught of paranoid delusions and a lifelong incurable addiction. "I'm ready to party," I'd say. "D me up!"


So I said bye, bye 'cause this car is now mine
Put the pedal to the metal and the metal was fine
And I backed that car right off the beach into brine
Gurgling "Might've had a bit too much wine
Might've had a bit too much wine"

more crocotine please

Actually, it's only gatorade if it comes from the Florida region of Sports. Anything else is just "bug juice" for gamers.