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Hm? What's that I heard from the back? Forty likes? Ah, you're too kind

01. Is your name your true name

Yeah? What else would it be

02. Birthday


03. Height

Approximately 9.1-12 inches—when standing on my hind paws, of course

04. Relationship status

Marriage'd as hell

05. What's the meaning behind your @?

It's my name, or the ASCII character representing my avatar in my favorite roguelike

06. Cat person or dog person?

Sure, why not?

07. Favorite movie/s?

Synechdoche NY or Yellow Submarine

08. Favorite book/s?

See book meme

09. Piercings I have or want to have

None, and none

10. Idea of a perfect date

Staying home, ordering food, taking turns reading something good aloud to each other

11. Starbucks drink

I think I've gotten coffee from a starbucks once, and I ordered a normal cold brew coffee. It was underwhelming

12. Future career choice


13. My lowest and highest grade

Well, the lowest grade I ever got was an F, and the highest grade I ever got was an A. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding this one

14. Comfort food

Garlic bread

15. Chinese zodiac sign


16. Favorite hobb(y/ies)?

Reading, video games

17. Places I've visited

NYC, New Orleans, Saint Louis, Örebro

18. Place(s) I'd like to visit

I dunno, a ton of them. I'd never stop visiting places, if I had the choice

19. Language(s) I'd like to learn

No preference, but I'd like to get at least one under my belt

20. Languages I can speak

Just English 😔

21. Favorite season


22. Stuffed animals I own

Axl the axolotl, Eric Idle the sloth, and a cacodemon whose name must not be uttered

23. Carbonara or Spaghetti

I've never had the first thing

24. Most useless talent I have

Writing 😞

25. Weapon of choice


26. Aesthetic I want

ZX Spectrum

27. Favorite anime(s)

My Neighbor Seki and Kemono Friends (first season only)

28. Favorite manga(s)

Phoenix by Osamu Tezuka

29. Do I like thrill?

Sure, every now and then

30. Lucky number


31. Hogwarts House

House Dumpledorf

32. Coffee or tea?


33. Favorite scent?

Garlic bread

34. Weirdest phase


35. Most memorable birthday

My own, duh

36. First cosplay


37. Characters I want to cosplay

Trash King

38. Top 5 songs

This is off the dome:

39. Favorite ice cream flavor

Butter pecan or strawberry

40. Current wishlist

Not having to go to work

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