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have you seen this frog?

As usual, I've become obsessed with an orb-based creature from an obscure video game of the DOS PC era.


As far as I know, the only evidence that this game exists is a dozade-old youtube video in which the uploader points a camera at a monitor and calls it the worst PC game of all time. Which is ridiculous, I can think of plenty of PC games I'd rather not play than this: Redneck Rampage, the US army propaganda game, Wizardry 4...

According to the title screen, the game is called "Frog", but since it's a volleyball game, nicknaming it "Frog Volleyball" seems sensible to me. I've searched for every combination of frog, volleyball, dos, shareware, freeware, and the author's name, and they've all been complete dead ends. In the video description, the uploader says that this came bundled on a disk with "Mario Bros. VGA",1 another game by a single independent developer. I've downloaded a few MBVGA disk images and none of them have included the other game.

A few commenters have corroborated the existence of the game, but I can't find anyone discussing it anywhere else. All leads point to this video. Surely someone out there has a copy of this game, which is why I'm publicly putting out a plea that will hopefully be seen by anyone searching for "Frog Volleyball": if you have this game, I'd greatly appreciate if you can dump and upload a disk image. Thank you for your time 🦝

  1. conversion not licensed by Nintendo↩

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