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i can name that tune after much soul-searching

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Last night as I was trying to drift off to sleep, a piece of music entered my head. I didn't remember what it was. I knew it was the opening to a TV show. It's impossible to google, because there are no lyrics. I find it almost impossible to describe. I was very close to opening the voice recorder on my phone and trying to sing it. It wouldn't have sounded good, but it might have maybe been close enough for someone to recognize it?

Finally, it hit me. It was Good Eats! Yes, of course, that whimsical little piano trill, the weird distorted pluck, the choir vocalizing at the end. Definitely Good Eats. Satisfied, I fell asleep...

...and completely forgot about it until an hour ago, when Izzy told me about how she finally remembered the source of a piece of music that's been bugging her when she fell asleep last night. "Oh yeah, that happened to me too!" I couldn't remember what the music sounded like, but I remembered it was Good Eats. I'm glad she reminded me, so I could look it up and confirm it.

It wasn't Good Eats. However, listening to the Good Eats theme song made me remember the piece of music from last night. Fuck. I was back where I started. I had the music in my head again but no leads as to what it could possibly be.

But this time I wasn't drifting off to sleep. I'm awake enough to do my best impression, put it out into the world, and pray that someone out there recognizes it. I didn't have high hopes. I tentatively started humming a few practice attempts.

And thank god, when I started singing it, something clicked in my brain and I remembered: Louis Theroux's Weird Weekends. I don't know why I had to hum it. But I looked it up, and I was right this time.

There's no standalone version of the theme music on youtube, but here's a link to a youtube video timecode where the music starts playing.

Thank god I remembered, because I think my chances of conveying the music in a way that someone would recognize it were very slim. It's weird how perfectly I could hear it in my head and yet even now, after listening to it a few times, I have a hard time putting it into words. It makes it all the more impressive to me how closely the guy in The Case of the Missing Hit was able to get the band to reconstruct that song. That was a several minute long multi-layered rock song, I can't even adequately describe a 30-second jingle that's mostly piano and people going "bah!"

I haven't watched or even really thought about Weird Weekends in years. Memory is heckin' weird. Anyway, happy Saturday. Looks like I'm having a bit of a weird weekend of my own. I said, looks like I'm having a weird weekend too! Oh sorry, just wanted to make sure you heard 🦝

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