a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

i made a towlr (sort of)

When I learned about the towlr micro-genre and read the manifesto, my first thought was that I bet I could make one in Puzzlescript.

So I did! Or I got pretty close, anyway.

Click here to play Slime Resgoo Towlr

Puzzlescript doesn't have variables, and it's not so good at stuff that involves numbers and counting, so there's no counter in the corner of the screen that increments every time you die. I could have fudged it by making ten objects for the numerals 0 through 9, and hand-coding ten different replacement rules, but it seemed kind of pointless if it only goes up to 9, and there wouldn't be a way to display the number on the victory screen anyway. So I compromised, and it puts a red X at the top of the screen every time you die.

Also, the Essentials and the Ten Classic Commandments differ slightly in what you're allowed to do; for example, the 10CC says the + sign has to be in the center of the screen at all times, the Essentials just says it has to be prominently featured somewhere. I went with the more permissive version of the rules whenever there was a conflict.

Fudginess aside, I think it hews pretty closely to the towlr essence, and I'm happy with how it came out 🦝