a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

i social'd too much today

I feel gross making a post that's just "social media roundup", but I fired off a bunch of fedi posts during the day when my brain was working, and now I don't have anything. I should've saved them for the blog, but accepting that I didn't save them for the blog, is collecting them here now better or worse than skipping a day? I dunno, sound off in the comments.

Actually, I don't feel gross doing this, I would feel gross if I had a bot that automated collecting of all of my fedi notes for the day into a blog post. A lot of people started doing that on livejournal in the early days of twitter, eventually abandoning their LJ accounts altogether, and what depressed me was the endless zombie posting on a dead account, sometimes for years.

Rest assured, dear reader, that if I ever do any cross-posting, it'll be hand-copied and intentional. This place is my internet home. If there's a bunch of random shit pasted all over the walls it's going to be because I put it there, not some glorified roomba.

Okay, I feel a little better. Enjoy the notes!

the dream exemption

I overslept because I was having a dream that was too good, and I immediately went back to sleep after turning off my alarm to see what happens. This should be allowed.

Anyway, the person I follow [on fedi] who bought a decommissioned warship, fixed up the cannon and blew up an abandoned cruise ship was arrested; but they were let off with a warning because no one got hurt 😌 I'm glad I was able to see the ending

game idea

When All You Have is a Hammer: Life sim game about a Hammer Bro. who gets sucked through a portal to a Brooklyn apartment and has to become a plumber1

wark at work

Just heard a chocobo theme arrangement I've never heard before, but really like: link (youtube.com, 04m07s)

It's from a Final Fantasy 6 EP released in 1994, and it's a really nice jazzy electro-pop that I'd almost call Shibuya-Kei, which in 1994 would've been at the forefront of the genre. Pretty impressive

don't try me, fire

I've never had to use a fire extinguisher in anger ğŸ¤ž


Google really is useless now... can't figure how much of a tax credit I get for synthesizing post-structuralism into my personal philosophical framework 🙄 it just keeps sending me to turbotax

usb mouse



My new years resolution is to free myself from the prison of desire

So the AI search revolution is just "hey siri", but instead of asking your computer a question aloud you type it with a keyboard? idk sounds pretty stale to me 🦝

  1. it could be one of those hilarious VR physics games where you're holding a hammer in each hand, and you have to use them to gingerly pick up tools like wrenches and plungers without accidentally smashing everything↩