a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

i'm in the november issue of indiepocalypse

Indiepocalypse is a monthly indie video game "zine". It's not a magazine, it's a collection of video games, but it's a "zine" in the sense that it's a scrappy little indie publication curating the works of weirdo artists on the margins, like me.


It also comes with a zine. Like, a PDF magazine. It's a little confusing.

You can get it right dang here

image link

It's 10 games plus the zine for 15 bucks. If you like physical objects, you can also get it on a USB stick in a cool custom cassette case for 20 bucks plus shipping. Makes a great stocking stuffer! Collect 'em all! But buy #46 first.

image link

You can watch a short trailer on youtube. Ignore the part that says #45, this is for #46.

If you've been following the development of Quest For The Radiant Cake, this version has nine more levels, a slick new ending, and a story in the zine which ties everything together. I'd be very honored if you'd check it out 🦝

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