a rickety bridge of impossible crossing


I wish more people would refer to me as "mawkish". That's the kind of image I want to project. Composed, confident, sharp, always thinking three steps ahead... A mawkish leader. That's how I want history to remember me.


🦝 💬 Computer, what does mawkish mean?

🖥️ 🔊 Excessively or falsely sentimental; showing a sickly excess of sentiment. Synonyms: cutesy, maudlin, schmaltzy1

Oh. Huh. Well, thank goodness history won't remember this little oopsie

So yeah, that's it for today~ I had a much more relaxing Saturday than I expected and don't have enough garbage for even a digest. In the future, instead of giving a big disclaimer that may or may not be parenthetical, I'll be tagging entries likes these #shorts, to show that they're the blog equivalent of a TikTok post, and thus are best enjoyed while wearing shorts. Cutoff jean shorts are recommended for maximum authenticity.

Well, they literally can't all be zingers, but I've been doing good and I deserve a break. Sunday links tomorrow. Big entry should be ready by Monday. Til then, stay safe, drink water, and love yourself as you love your friends 🦝

  1. Wiktionary. mawkish (wiktionary.org, 2022)↩