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You know how since Antichrist Superstar was produced by Trent Reznor, in some ways it sounds like a Nine Inch Nails album with Manson singing instead of Reznor?1

Thurston Moore's 2011 solo album Demolished Thoughts was produced by Beck Hansen, and it has the same effect: it sounds exactly like a lost follow-up to Sea Change but with Thurston Moore singing instead of Beck.2 The resemblance is quite uncanny:

Thurston Moore - Benediction (youtube.com, 05m17s)

I like Sea Change and Demolished Thoughts fine, it's just weird. I'm sure there's a more recent Beck album that sounds like Demolished Thoughts I can compare it to, but 2002 is around when I stopped paying attention to Beck. It's not that I stopped liking his music --- I wasn't paying enough attention to have an opinion. It's just that I continued to become interested in new music, and there's only so much music one can listen to in a lifetime, y'know?


What if there was a recording artist who wanted to go by their first name, like Madonna or Beck or Prince, but they had a totally ordinary first name, like Steve?

Hm, I guess that's what Tiffany3 did. She was the first person named Tiffany to have the idea, so she got to claim it. So if your name is Steve and you want to be a famous recording artist, you could be the first. It's not too late. You could be Steve, as in the Steve.

what a drag

That text ^^^ and the footnotes is all I had time to write today. Work has been crushing into a fine powder with monster truck force, and today's post-work was too full of stuff, so another short entry today. There's some more stuff about music I wanted to write but I guess it'll have to wait.

donkey kong juniorpdate

If you're not following Brain Training --- and really, why would you be --- you're probably not aware of my Donkey Kong Junior hot streak. After a sub-par week, including a run where I got so frustrated that I didn't finish, I've gotten a new best score three days in a row. My current best is 182,100, which is huge. A quarter million is in striking distance, friends.

Anyway, time to go get another Hello Kitty achievement or two and turn in for the night. Will I have more time tomorrow? Time will tle 🦝

  1. I enjoy both artists' output of this era, but let's be real, this is a lateral move at best↩

  2. also a lateral move? idk, I guess I don't have very nuanced opinions about male rock singers. They're all either bad (Manson and Reznor) or fine (Moore and Beck)↩

  3. of "I Think We're Alone Now" (1987) fame. Maybe it's not a very effective mononym if I feel the need to clarify who she is↩

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