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Notability: The Game


Two or more players take turns naming fictional characters. If the character isn't notable enough to have a dedicated wikipedia article, it's worth one point. Once a point is scored, no other characters from that work, property or universe may be used.

Character names must be unique to one piece of media. Unofficial fan names don't count, and it can't just be a generic description.

Play until an agreed-upon score limit.

Rule 0: don't argue about the rules.

example of play

Alice and Bob agree to play to five points.

Alice names Mr. Resetti, from Animal Crossing. Mr. Resetti has a dedicated article, so no points are awarded.

Bob names Babs Bunny. This name redirects to List of Tiny Toon Adventures characters, so Bob gets a point, and every other Tiny Toons character is now off-limits. 0|1

Alice names Notorious Fluffy G, from The Brak Show. No article and no redirect, so she gets a point and the score is tied. 1|1

Bob names Barney Gumble from The Simpsons. Barney has a dedicated article, so no point. 1|1

Alice names Dangeresque, which redirects to the Strong Bad article. She gets a point, and no other Homestar Runner characters may be played. 2|1

Bob names Duffman, from The Simpsons. Amazingly, Duffman has a dedicated wikipedia article, so no points are awarded. 2|1

Alice names Lucca Ashtear from Chrono Trigger. Lucca has a dedicated article, so no points. 2|1

Bob names Disco Stu, which redirects to List of recurring The Simpsons characters. Bob finally gets a point, and The Simpsons is now out of play. 2|2

Alice names Jake Morgendorffer, which redirects to List of Daria Characters. 3|2

Bob names Jeremy Hillary Boob Esq. Phd. from Yellow Submarine. Poor Bob can't catch a break, Jeremy has his own article, so no points. 3|2

Alice names Ben Katz from Dr. Katz, and gets a point. 4|2

Bob names Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and gets a redirect. The score's now 4|3.

Alice names The Big Giant Head from Third Rock from the Sun, but TBGH has his own article, so it's still 4|3.

Bob names Paige Fox and gets a redirect to List of FoxTrot Characters, tying up the score. 4|4, next point wins.

Alice names Erin Esurance. It redirects to the Esurance article! Alice wins!