a rickety bridge of impossible crossing


Took a nice long walk this morning. Temperatures were cool again. I took photos, mostly of abandoned buildings and crumbling infrastructure. I was going to do a fotodump ſaturday, but my phone takes lousy photos, and they're not that interesting, and frankly the process of resizing each one and renaming them (giving them simple names for use with the imgur upload script) was too tedious to bother with. I miss irfanview. It might be the windows program I miss the most. I could've done a batch resize and rename and had them all uploaded in 5 minutes. And I know I said they're lousy photos, but at least it would be something.

I was going to upload one, just as an example photo, but it looks like the script's not even working now. So here you go, here's the fruits of my efforts today, enjoy:

mint@bluelander:~/Pictures/photodump$ imgur 3.jpg
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