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photodump phriday

In what's certain not to become a regular feature, here are some recent photos I found interesting or of which I was otherwise fond enough to save. These go back to April of 2021, to give you an idea of how often I take photos.

Plants in yellow and blue pots sitting on plastic stands that look like human feet in sandals. The toenails are the same color as the pots.

I don't like these one bit. No sir. Heck no at all.

metal frog figurine in an outdoor display with some succulents


The head of a joker action figure sitting and grinning in some dead grass

All part of my master plan, Batman! Ehehehe!

The handle of a metal letter opener with some strange symbols engraved into it

Trying to puzzle out the meaning of this logo sent me on a journey of discovery.

An old-style touchtone telephone with some extra buttons and switches

This was the central office phone for my department until earlier this year. I got wind that they were going to replace all the phones with a new voip system, and I snapped this photo just in case. Sure enough, it's been replaced with a sleek, featureless black slab by Cisco or Mitel or some other interchangeable purveyor of office plastic. I wonder what happened to it. I figure it's either already in the dump, or in storage purgatory where it'll collect 10 years of dust and then be sent to the dump. I kinda wish I asked, and asked whether I could keep it if that were the case, but what would I do with it? Just look at it and remember, which I can also do with this photo.

Rubber duck in a sea captain's uniform sitting on the edge of a tub

Admiral Quax, reporting for duty!

Silicon loop with a motto embossed into it

This is the wrist lanyard attached to the lid of the jar I take lunch in sometimes. Good Quality, Good Life. Words to live by.

Handmade cover for a pulpy action novella called Sanjuro 1983

Seemingly homemade book found at the local library. I probably don't want to read it, but Orientalism aside, I like the look of the cover. None of my searches have turned up a trace of this book, Garrett Belcher, or Beth's Books.

Porch with a small artificial pine tree, with a string of white christmas lights

Shout-out to the person or family who has an artificial christmas tree lit up on their front porch in mid July. I'm proud of you for deciding what happiness means to you 🦝