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presenting: the beatles

I was looking through some of my cloud storage folders today and I found some pages from the fictional Beatles zine I was working on. After looking around a bit, I found a way to convert them from .pdn to .jpg. Unfortunately neither Pinta nor Krita are able to edit .pdn files, so I can't remove the guideline layer. This is an early version featuring an old font for the titles and a different title --- the final version will be called "4/4 Time: The Beatles Quarterly". Because there's four of them, the zine comes out (fictionally) four times a year, and 4/4 is a music thing. Pretty good, eh? I'm surprised I can't find a record of a zine called "4/4 Time"

As you might've guessed, I'm sharing this because I don't have anything else for today. Please enjoy the jokes!

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(front and back cover)