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Q & A & S(uggestion)

Anonymous asks:

How did you and Izzy meet? I follow both of your blogs and you both seem lovely and seem to have such a sweet relationship!

First off, I apologize that it took me 4 months to respond to this. I just logged into retrospring for the first time in awhile. I thought I was supposed to get an e-mail whenever I get a new question, but apparently not.

Second off, thank you! It is pretty sweet. As much as I hate to give credit to anything Facebook-related, we met on the Facebook dating thing. I had signed up, set up a barebones profile, and promptly forgot about it for months (seems to be a habit of mine 😖)

At the time, I was working the midnight shift at the lifeline. She was up at 3:00 AM with an upset stomach and decided to message some people. It was the first message I ever received there. It was a slow night, so I replied and we were able to chat a bit. We immediately hit it off. I was worried that our opposing wake/sleep schedules would make it difficult to connect --- after all, she can't have an upset stomach at 3 AM every night. But we're both awesome, so we made it work, and now here we are, three years later and still awesome.

I let her know she has a fan and shared your kind words with her, I hope she blogs more soon ğŸ¤ž

eyewear suggestion

I don't know if they want their message republished, but a crow wrote to suggest a website called "eye bye direct" for getting glasses. I'm still not quite solvent enough to spend money on non-essential items just yet, but I wanted to thank them and let them know that I'll check the site out as soon as I'm able.

questions from the computer

Retrospring asks:

Want to receive push notifications for new questions on your device?

No! Don't worry about my device, I've got it under control. Just send me an e-mail when I get a question, okay? No? That's not an option? Well okay, I guess I'll start checking it manually more often. So ask me more questions to incentivize me not to forget about it for another four months.

I'll press the "generate question" button a couple times to spice this entry up a bit:

Can you draw?


What was your favourite song from a few weeks ago?

The Microphones - I Want Wind to Blow (bandcamp.com, 5m32s)

Can you cook?


Do you like the city where you live?

I've never liked anywhere I live.

What is your favourite programming language and why is it Pascal?

Why the heck is this in the randomly generated question pool? I've never used pascal. My favorite programming language is QB64.

What was the last thing you have eaten?

Chocolate chip cookies, specifically the excellent generic brand name "Chunkolate Chippers"

Well, that was enlightening. Why don'tcha ask me some good ones?

I have a real essay-style blog post that's mostly written, hopefully it'll be going up tomorrow 🦝