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Quest for the Radiant Cake *starring Slime & Goo!* 0.20

Is the name of my puzzle game. Not slime resgoo deluxe anymore. It's officially moved past the code name phase and into the title workshop phase. I'm not married to the *starring Slime & Goo!* It's kinda cute, but I wanted to put it in parentheses, and I can't use them because puzzlescript interprets it as a comment. The other braces and brackets look too crowded on the title screen. But I want to throw that in there to show that the game has two characters, which isn't immediately obvious when you start playing. It makes you wonder where the second character is, and then when you meet them and see how they interact, it's hopefully going to get the imagination going re: all the puzzle possibilities. Puzzibilities.

I never intended to make a game about finding cake. I thought Portal had ruined cake in video games as a concept, forever. It's only through happenstance, that the seed of an idea sprouted out of a towlr, that cake ever entered the picture.

But you know what? It's been 15 years. The meme is as dead as it's going to get. And I need some sort of McGuffin. Why not cake?

Anyway, that link will take you to the latest version of the game, 0.20. The three new levels are just short ones I added at the beginning to introduce each core concept individually.1 I think this'll help it have more sticking power.

Get it? Slime? Goo? Sticking? Stick? Stickly? PO Box 1213? New York City? New York State? 10108? Is that doing anything for you?

One of my mutual followers on fedi reminded me of Sharon, Lois & Bram's Elephant Show the other day, and it sent me down a rabbit trail of remembering Nickelodeon stuff. I don't experience nostalgia, exactly, but there are certain pieces of Nickelodeon history that I feel have all but disappeared from popular consciousness, which I think is interesting. I think they brought Stick Stickly back for a limited time in the 10s, which was well after I stopped paying attention to TV. But there was awhile that he was buried deep in the Nick vault.

Remember Weinerville? Sometimes I feel like the only person on earth who does (except Facet, who chimed in when I brought it up on fedi the other day.) Man. That show sucked.

Speaking of memory bombs, I had a massive one when I started playing Breath of Fire for the SNES for the first time. Early in the game you hear a piece of music that immediately sent my brain back in time to the early 2000s, when I listened to an Overclocked Remix track about a billion times: Breath of Fire Sad Melody by FFmusic Dj (which I can only assume is a deprecated pseudonym by now)

It's not even my favorite OC remix track (if it was, I would've listened to it more recently than 2004-ish. There are several I still enjoy. I mean, it's alright.) But the reason it's burned into my brain is because, prior to around 2005-ish, the only way I could listen to music away from my computer was by burning CDs. I couldn't afford an Mp3 player until well after the ipod had eaten every other device's lunch and the also-rans came down in price a bit. My first one was a Creative Zen something or other. The little one that looked like a pack of gum. It had like 512MB of storage. Which was enough for ten CDs!2 I loved that thing.

Anyway, the BoF remix was on one of my go-to mix CDs. When I worked midnights by myself at a gas station, I played that thing relentlessly. Before Mp3 players, it was a hassle to carry around extra CDs and swap them in and out of the player, so I just listened on repeat a lot. The one with the BoF track was all OC remixes and general nerd music.

Breath of Fire seems good. I'll talk about it more soon. It's been awhile since I found a new-to-me RPG I could really get my teeth into, but I'm digging it. I just finished Nina's quest and found the elixir that saved her father, the king. Giving the game a tentative 🌕

Here are some screenshots:


I like that the game acknowledges that "slimeless" would be an insult for a giant evil frog. To the frog, slime is good


I agree.



It's 23:55. Cutting this one close.3 Goo night, everyone. Hope your dreams are another slime pun 🦝

  1. actually four, but it's 20 instead of 21 because I axed one of the early levels. Felt redundant.↩

  2. at an almost acceptable bitrate!↩

  3. I edited this post a bajillion times after midnight, but as long as I click the publish button before the clock strikes 00:00, it counts as not missing a day. Those are the (fake) rules.↩

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