a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

quick meta analysis


I deactivated my twitter account, for what are hopefully obvious reasons, so that feed will no longer be available. No one followed it anyway, so no big deal.


Unfortunately, I was using the twitter feed as a means to update the mastodon feed, because I couldn't figure out how to make a direct RSS -> fediverse bot. This means the bluelander@botsinspace account will be unused until further notice. If you're reading this you're probably just using the RSS feed anyway, so it's not a catastrophe. I'd like to get it figured out eventually though.


There is a cool new blog directory, and I'm in it! It has the excellent URL of ooh.directory. It list almost 900 blogs about all sorts of different topics, and keeps track of how recently they've been updated, so it should be pretty easy to find fresh writing of interest.


One nifty feature of ooh.directory that it calculates the average word count of all my posts, and as of yesterday's post, I clock in at 694. That makes me not feel so bad about these short entries; almost 700 words a day every day is pretty good, especially when you start comparing it to some of the other blogs in the directory. Sure, some of those might be basing that number on RSS feeds that only provide summaries instead of the full text, but *handwavey dismissal*

Also yes, quantity isn't everything, word count is not the Nintendo seal of quality, etc, but the more stream of consciousness I pan, the more likely I am to find gold. Like this metaphor, for example *audience boos and throws tomatoes at me*


I have to do something about my tag situation, I feel like my handful of categories are almost useless, but to make them more useful would be effort I could spending on writing instead