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sponsorship / donation drive


Thank you for reading. I've been writing daily for six months now, and I've only asked for contributions once. If you've been enjoying my work and you can afford to support it financially, it would be a great help if you could support me on the ko-fi page. You can help by becoming a sponsor or by just making a one-time contribution. Every small bit helps.

This fall has seen an unusual number of financial stressors. The cost of food continues to increase, I've had to take numerous unpaid days off work for medical appointments and family emergencies, and my spouse and I have had to continue running the air conditioner during the day to offset the heating system we have no control over, which had led to inflated power bills.

We've been able to get some relief from government assistance programs, but the number of times we're allowed to take advantage of them is limited. After we pay rent for November, we'll have less than $80 to cover food and necessities until my next paycheck, and we have an outstanding internet bill that'll need addressing soon too.

Times are tough all around, and if you can't afford to help I totally understand, but if you can spare the funds, like what I do, and want me to have the stability I need to continue doing it, your support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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