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start your day the hyphy way

Is there a song you think about every day because something you see during your daily commute reminds you of it? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Several years ago, I would walk by a shop called Donut Connection on the way to work, which meant that five mornings out of seven I'd start my day thinking about Rainbow Connection1 by Kermit the Frog (or more accurately, the part of Broken Needles Vol. 12 that samples it.) This was slightly annoying, because I thought about the song, but I didn't actually want to listen to it. Obviously not the unaltered original, and although it's used to good effect in Broken Needles, that mix is a little too long and intense to listen to every single day.

There are no donut shops on my current walk, but now I pass by a big, prominent street marker for Oakland Avenue. There are a few streets in my neighborhood that, in addition to the traditional green rectangular sign, have pillars at eye level that look a bit like miniature Washington Monuments. It was slightly confusing when I first moved here, because the text is written vertically, which makes it seem like I'm walking down Oakland, when I'm actually walking down a street that intersects with Oakland.


Ah, my mistake, it's actually Woakland Ave

Anyway, I see a big prominent "Oakland" every time I walk past it, which makes me think of the one song that my brain definitively associates with Oakland, California: Ghost Ride It3 by Mistah F.A.B. It's a much better song than Rainbow Connection to start my morning thinking about. I have a playlist queued up each morning that includes it with some other fun, energetic (funergetic) songs.

I recommend it, particularly if you don't drive to work. Get out the way, let Casper drive. You can imagine a driverless car slowly rolling down the road beside you and dance a little bit, if you like. Just don't actually ghost ride any whips, or you might accidentally start a moral panic. Unless you're a rich white dude, in which case you can let your cars kill a few people, it's cool4 🦝

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