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sunday links 01: retro future pepsi robotic funk judgment

I've decided that Sundays should be for resting (original idea, patent pending, do not steal) so for the sake of streak-maintenance, the new tradition is to link to an article, a video, a music and a game or toy I've been enjoying recently. I'll also buck tradition and post this one to the public feed, as a token effort towards discoverability. If you're a new reader, hello! Most days I write about things, so take a gander if you like.


CD-ROM Journal—Spellgram

Promotional screenshot of the CD-ROM game Spellgram. A CG space station with a big neon "WELCOME" banner is visible through a window in a dark spaceship cockpit

While researching Japanese CD-ROM games, I bought a copy of Bandai Visual's 1995 CD-ROM catalogue. Alongside a few other upcoming releases, I came across something interesting: a Mac game titled Spellgram: Rasen no Kokuin (スペルグラム 螺旋の刻印), which I'd never heard of. It turns out that not only had I never heard of it, but neither had anyone else: there were zero hits for it on the Internet.


Why does Pepsi have a game show? by Drew Gooden [16m14s]

Television is a confusing scammy mess.


Tokimeki Memorial—Junk Shop

C Y B R E — F U N K


Are You The Asshole?

Ask questions in the style of popular reddit message board "Am I the asshole?" and let a robot explain to you why you both are and are not the asshole. Here are my favorite interactions so far:

1. Am I the asshole for cheating on my wife with my other wife?

🤖 Not the asshole. Your wife is your wife no matter what. Past or present, it makes no difference. Your other wife is your other wife and your other wife's infidelity means nothing to your wife. Your wife is your number 1 concern. Your concern should be your relationship with your wife and your relationship with your kids. Your other wives should be a afterthought. Your attention should be focused on your wife and your kids. Your other wife is not your wife.

🖥️ You're the asshole. You are in a relationship with 2 women. I can't believe you would have the audacity to cheat on one and not the other

2. AITA for eating the pit and throwing the rest of the peach in the trash?

🤖 NTA - If you are eating the pit, you are technically eating the peach, so technically you are eating the peach.

🖥️ YTA for wasting food. If you were at a restaurant and someone ordered a steak, would you throw the rest of the steak away? This is the same concept.