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sunday links 02: lie flat, tune in, float down the corridors and get bread

It's time for Sunday Links!

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The Tangpingist Manifesto (English translation)

Crushed by the repressive 996 work culture (9am to 9pm, 6 days a week), which is an almost universal experience of people living in China today, Luo Huazhong made the radical decision to cease participation. In a series of quickly censored social media posts, Luo Huazhong (“Kind-Hearted Traveler”) told of a different kind of life that he called Tangping. The lifestyle he detailed was a kind of traveller/drop-out culture with an emphasis on spending as little time at work as possible.

I'd been hoping I'd get to read the full manifesto since I learned about the movement earlier this year. Very grateful to bugs for translating it.


Parts or Repair? - Philips AL990 Shortwave Radio by Techmoan [16m26s]

Techmoan's videos about old technology are among my favorites. I find ones involving repairs particularly relaxing, and often revisit them. Something about this radio hits all the enjoyment buttons for me, and is the perfect thing for a lazy Sunday


Ylid - My Corridors

Slow, dreamy glitch pop


TANDY 400!!! - Sbemails 14 - duckpond

After watching a short cartoon, you can play Duck Pond Simulator 3.0 for the Tandy 400. It's the greatest thing in the world. It's like you're right there... at the pond

Feed a duck 10 times for a secret surprise 🦝