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sunday links 04: hack man fever

Good morning! This is sunday links, my weekly break from the regular blog. I normally write every day. Two recent articles I recommend are rabbit holes & rabbit trails and on citing wikipedia. If you want to support my writing, you can sponsor me over on ko-fi and get a shout-out here every Sunday. On to the links!

links the cat, a microsoft office assistant character


The New Victoriana by Ian Betteridge

In 1997 I wrote a piece for the long lost and much missed Rewired about a cover story from Wired. It was one of the first pieces I wrote which appeared online, and it’s probably one of the angriest things I’ve ever written. Although reading the Wired piece back I think I might have been a bit harsh, I think I [was] on to something.


Best of Richmond: Pepper Lunch by Liane Hung [3m25s]

I don't know how or when I stumbled across this video review of a restaurant I had never heard of in a place I've never been to, but every once in awhile I search youtube for "pepper lunch richmond" so I can watch it again. CW: contains footage of cooking and eating meat.


Wannabeast by Go Dark

I wanna be an Astronaut

I wanna be a Quarterback

I wanna be a Princess

I wanna be a Pagan God


Did you know you can hack google to play pacman online for free? Here's how: just go to google.com, and type in "play pacman". This hacker tip is brought to you by the cool club secret hacker BBS 🦝