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sunday links 06: even from the edge of mimiga island, i gaze into the abyss

Hello. It's a beautiful foggy morning here in the appalachian exclusion zone. sunday links is my weekly break to share interesting things. Typically I write every day; take a gander at the front page and see if anything tickles your fancy.

Links time!

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Apoliteic music: Neo-Folk, Martial Industrial and ‘metapolitical fascism’ by Anton Shekhovtsov

Apoliteic music is characterized by highly elitist stances and disdain for ‘banal petty materialism’. Both apoliteic artists and their conscientious fans appear to be self-styled ‘aristocrats of the soul’, united in their implicit knowledge that the imperium internum is the reflection of a forthcoming new era of national and spiritual palingenesis. Lost in contemplation of this utopian future, they perceive the current situation as the interregnum. Regardless of the extent to which the contemporary Europeanized world is actually decadent or spiritually impoverished, it will always pale beside the imaginary fascist ‘brave new world’.


Dissecting the Manosphere by F.D. Signifier

In this video F.D re-engages the concept of Edgelords but this time brings a few friends with him in the form of WHITE GUYS (yaaaaay...)

This exploration caused him rethink the place that edgelords have in modern manifestations of how men see the world and how the world sees men, which forced him to finally begin thinking on the Manosphere and trying to break down exactly what it is and why it exists.


Even To The Edge of Doom by Bull of Heaven

Yesterday was drone day—in honor, here is a day of drone.


Cave Story by Pixel

Play it, seriously. If you haven't played it recently, play it again. It's one of the world's perfect games and, like one of the world's other perfect games is famous for, it runs on anything. There's even an Amiga port, for heck's sake. Amiga mimiga icon

(phone users: sorry, you're going to need a controller for this one 🦝)