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sunday links 10: drop drop five slimes in the CD-ROM

Good morning, it's time for sunday links, my break from the normal blog to link to some things I like. Typically I write every day. One post from this week you may enjoy is The Riff That Conjures Snakes, a short piece of weird fiction about the limitations of science.

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That's right, it's me again! See you in eight more weeks!


I Should Be Able To Mute America by Patrick Marlborough

To the rest of the vast and varied world, My Pillow Guy and Papa John should be NPCs from a Nintendo DS Zelda title, not men of flesh and bone, pillow and pizza. Ted Cruz should be the name of an Italian pornstar in a Love Boat porn parody. Instead, I’m cursed to know that he is a senator from Texas who once stood next to a butter sculpture of a dairy cow and declared that his daughter’s first words were "I like butter."


I eliminated CD swaps FOREVER. by Cathode Ray Dude

CRD is my favorite dude to talk about old technology, and this is my new favorite video of his. I've rewatched the whole thing once and I've rewatched the montage about eight times. He uses the Nakamichi MJ-5.16 five-disc CD-ROM changer to do unthinkable eldritch magic with early 2000s multi-disc games.


Make Up Bear by Cate Wurtz

I don't know what made me remember this, but it rules. It's a pitched-down, distorted and overdriven remix of Make Up Bag by The Dream. I ripped it from youtube, because the video features a bunch of self-harm imagery and I don't really recommend it, but I've listened to the song dozens of times over the last week. You can see her original music at partydog dot bandcamp


Heck, I dunno. Watching Trysdyn stream Dragon Quest III for the Super Famicom really made me want to replay it, so I've been doing that. Here's a link. What you choose to do with that link is none of my business 🦝