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sunday links 15: serfs on fire acceptable

Good morning, it's time for sunday links, my break from the normal blog to link to something to read, something to watch, something to listen to and something to play with. Typically I write every day. One piece from this week you may enjoy is I've been tagged!, in which I was tagged in a meme to talk about some books that have been meaningful for me.

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SOFA, by Dozens

Start Often Finish rArely

Start Often Fuck Achievements

SOFA is the name of a hacker/art collective, and also the name of the principle upon which the club was founded.

The point of SOFA club is to start as many things as possible as you have the ability, interest, and capacity to, with no regard or goal whatsoever for finishing those projects.


Does Twitter Matter? by T1J

I'm no longer on twitter, but a lot of what he talks about applies to the fediverse too. He talks about addiction to validation, which is something I worry about. It's good to hear someone else express the same anxieties I do, it's very valiβ€” ah, heck


Quieting by Jackson Scovel

I had one of those moments the other day where I was engrossed in a book, and suddenly realized I had no idea what I was listening to but it was amazing. I was listening to one of the albums I had downloaded in FLAC from Bandcamp, which I put all in the same folder for some reason. I had shuffle off, so when I was done listening to the album I started, it went on to play an album I picked up when I was looking for creative commons music to play during livestreams and had forgotten how good it is. Lovely, dreamy electronic soundscapes with no vocals, the perfect thing for getting engrossed in a book. The album's pay-what-you-want, go grab it.


I don't have one. Sorry. I was supposed to have something new here every week? Wow, that was a bad idea.

Uhh you haven't played Peasant's Quest in awhile, right? Go play that, it's probably still good 🦝