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sunday links 18: bronze oldies

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Well, no one answered my call for submissions, but that's okay. I've collected a playlist of all my youtube favorites from prior to 2010-ish with less than 100,000-ish views. I'm happy to curate your Sunday viewing experience. This playlist constitutes your article, video, music and game for this week:

📜 bronze oldies

Various content warnings apply, most of which should be obvious from the video titles, except:

Not sure how that last one has less than 100k views, it must have been a re-upload or something.

Also, this officially kicks off Spooky Music season with the last video in the playlist, Gatekeeper's Visions from 2010. That worked out nicely.

I'm assuming all of these are chock-a-block with ads, so set content blocker to full power. This disclaimer applies whenever youtube comes up, but extra emphasis for a long playlist.

Enjoy! 🦝