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sunday links 19: nightmares edition

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Nine million people in a city 170km long; will the world ever be ready for a linear metropolis? by Oliver Wainwright

The plans for the Line were instantly compared to the Continuous Monument, a theoretical project drawn up by Italian collective Superstudio in 1969, which was not a blueprint for a smart city but a searing critique of the relentless urbanisation of the planet. Their collages of a glass megastructure, ploughing through desert landscapes, cutting across oceans and engulfing Manhattan, were intended to represent a “negative utopia”, according to Superstudio co-founder Adolfo Natalini, and stand as a warning against “the horrors architecture had in store, with its scientific methods for perpetuating standard models worldwide”. Another Superstudio member, Gian Piero Frassinelli, was rueful in a recent interview: “Seeing the dystopias of your own imagination being created,” he said, referring to the Line, “is not the best thing you could wish for.”


Fyre by Netflix

📯 Unofficial video archive. Engage content blockers.

The shitbag who did the Fyre Festival scam got out of jail, which reminded me that there were two documentaries I wanted to watch at some point, so I watched both. The Hulu one kind of sucked, it was a lot of fluff and B-roll and it mostly focused on shitbag history. The Netflix one is a lot more about the logistical failures and the people doing the actual on-the-ground work of trying to make the impossible happen. I feel kind of bad recommending it, because it's made in partnership with "fuck jerry", the marketing company largely responsible for helping shitbag perpetuate the fraud. It has a section clearly intended to exonerate them for their willful blindness, their continued participation in what had become an obvious scam, so take that part with a pinch of salt. But you can watch it at the third-party video archive linked above ☝️ without indirectly giving them your money.

spooky music

Miserere by Bloody Panda

The name of this band is very stupid, but this is a good 20-minute atmospheric doom noise metal shriek fest that will shiver your timbers! That's a spooky thing to say, right?


Game Emulation via Neural Network by Olin Bohan

Walk around in an endless pokemon nightmare world as imagined by an unfeeling computer brain. You have no mouth but you must scream 🦝