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tales from the wiki

Just some recent items I've added to the wiki that haven't appeared on the blog.

meta wiki

  • Installed a Feather Wiki Patch that fixes a bug where the screenshot wasn't displaying properly in the Neocities update feed, and also makes the site completely functional without Javascript, which is quite impressive. Thanks to FU-SEN for bringing it to my attention.

  • Wait, I didn't notice that it only works if I choose "include static HTML". I don't want the wiki to be almost 400kb, so I'll be giving this feature a pass for now. I wish there was a way to output a version that only has the static HTML; all of the editing is done locally, I don't need any of the javascript features on the version that appears on Neocities. Ah well. Maybe that'll be a thing in a future version.

  • Postscript: Ah, it looks like this isn't feasible, I asked about it in the codeberg and the developer informed me that javascript is used for displaying pages. For whatever reason I thought it was using CSS à la John Doe, but unfortunately javascript is needed or else all the wiki contents will just be displayed in one page. Ah well

reading log

  • Aug. 06 2022: Oh right, comics. I randomly remembered Dresden Codak is a thing, and I wondered if I'd like it more now that it's 15 years later and I know more things. I still can't figure out what direction I'm supposed to read the panels in, though. However, something in an early DK comic made me think of Opplopolis, so I checked in to see if there's any news, and to my happy surprise, there is! Not an official acknowledgement of demise, which is the only news I was expecting, but an announcement from March that the comic has resumed after a 6-year hiatus and the author plans to finish it. I'll be getting caught up with that, too. It's a shame I'm not using Windows at the moment, because this is exactly the situation for which I made [[Mr. Teal|software]], but nothing to be done. I seriously doubt I'll have it in me to re-write it to work under Linux. Although, I am more inclined to make TUI applications for an OS where people are used to using a console window... hmm... (well, this update is no longer about what I'm reading.)

  • Aug. 06 2022: Finished The Secret History. The first half is perfect. The ending is good, but quite a downer, of course. I forgot how much it drags in the middle. Much of the second half feels perfunctory, like there just had to be something between the first half and the denouement. And I guess there had to be something, otherwise the pacing would've felt off. Not sorry I re-read it, though. I need something lighter next. Maybe I'll pick up one of the many Discworld books I haven't read yet.

  • Aug. 05 2022: 80% through The Secret History. Should've just pushed through it after work, but my teeth were hurting, so I played video games instead.

  • Jul. 30 2022: Talking about The Secret History in i've been tagged put me in the mind to re-read it for the first time in several years. I'm glad I did, it's wonderful. When I start struggling to read unfamiliar books, it always helps to go back to something old and beloved to remind myself that the problem isn't me, I still like reading.

  • Jul. 2022: For most of this month I attempted to read Moby Dick and Mark Fisher's Flatline Constructs, in fits and starts. There are things I like about both, but not in the right frame of mind to parse the difficult language at the moment. Will try to go back to them. Surprised at how funny Ishmael is as a narrator. Maybe I should re-read Neuromancer before I try to tackle Flatline Constructs, since the text references it so heavily. (Also hell, maybe I should try to read Lacan first. I really don't want to though. I wish these super academic works had a list of prerequisite reading at the beginning.)

game log

  • Aug. 05 2022: Started another game of Shadowrun, more to distract me from some dental pain than anything else. Not playing in any particular way, just doing some early-game shadowruns, cause I find it soothing.
  • Aug. 03 2022: Finished playing Trimps, for hopefully the last time. Wrap-up post here: the trimps experiment
  • Jul. 31 2022: Replayed Peasant's Quest. (victory screenshot)