a rickety bridge of impossible crossing

the time for getting back on track is now

I'm still depressed, but it's not like sitting around not writing in my blog is going to make me less depressed.

I'm still too tired and run-down when I get home to work on personal projects, but it's not like I have a good reason to have stopped writing while I'm at work.

Sure, work has been extremely frantic, but it's not like I can't find 30 minutes a day to jot down some thoughts and/or jokes.

I probably won't have time for any super long thoughtful essays, but it's not like this blog hasn't been mostly slightly-longer-than-average trashposts anyway.

I don't know how long it'll take me to return to form, the quality of posts might not but up to my usual standards, but it's not like people can't remove my blog from their feed reader if they don't like it. And if they do, it's not like I'll know.

We'll look back on this time period soberly as the Great Winter Doldrums of 2022. Not to blame, but to reflect, and be thankful for what we have in the future, which by the time we get there will be our present.

I could wait until January 1st and call it a fresh start or a new years resolution or something, but it's not like the date on the calendar has any bearing on my ability and willingness to write. That would just be an excuse for me not to start now.

You know what they say: the best time to resume updating my blog was before I stopped updating it for almost two weeks. The second best time is now. It's not like you can prove they don't say that.

As Generation Z1 might say: let's gooooooo 🦝

  1. known in commonwealth countries as "generation zed", which sounds a lot cooler. I mean, it's not like I can't say "generation zed" just because I live in in the US. Maybe I will. The doldrums are over; there's no fuckin rules, dude↩