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the ur-slime

In the post from earlieryesterday, I linked to a Royal Game of Ur Dice roller. Well, I made it better

Instead of only one person being able to use it at a time, I made it symmetrical, so you can set it at the side of the board and both players can tap to roll and easily see what the result is:



I added a few levels to Quest for the Radiant Cake. It's nothing exciting if you've been following my progress, I just added a few very short levels for tutorial purposes, because if you start a game and there's exactly one action you can perform, and you move on to the next level and there's exactly one more action you can perform, it's easier for a brand new player to get invested. It's fun to see how the very simple mechanics build on each other.

I was hesitant to do this at first, because I wanted to have one bonus coin per level, but I thought if there were bonus coins from the very beginning, it might not even occur to some players that they were optional. It's better this way.

I also cleaned up some levels, removed some unnecessary space, and changed a setting (that I just learned existed) to prevent it from repeating the action when you hold the X button. I wanted the movement to repeat, but not the action button, so I was glad to learn that you can set those separately.

Oh, and I finally added a sound effect for when Slime and Goo fuse. Click here to play version 0.29


I watched someone do an ancient cave run of Lufia II. The ancient cave is a randomly generated 99-floor dungeon that you can only play after finishing the entire game twice. The final boss at the very end of this cave is... a gigantic jelly.


The ur-slime! 🦝